juice cleanse

#18 on my 101 in 1001 list is “do a juice cleanse”.  I consider myself a MOSTLY healthy young woman.  I workout almost everyday, I don’t go to McDonald’s for every meal and I rarely ever drink non-diet pop.  However, I am not the best at eating as healthily as I should.  I don’t really like vegetables and cooking is not my favorite thing.  I thought doing a juice cleanse would HOPEFULLY motivate me to eat more veggies and I also thought it would be an interesting test of my will power.  Plus I had a Gilt City coupon for a cleanse.

Read on for my recap of doing the “Jus by Julie” 3 day cleanse.


image via jusbyjulie.com

Jus by Julie Cleanse


I did not do anything in particular to prepare for this cleanse.  I’ve read that you should try to start eating more vegetables and stop drinking alcohol and coffee and pop ahead of the cleanse but: 1. I don’t drink coffee, 2. I assumed I don’t think enough ever that alcohol would be a problem, 3. I had run a 10K the day before I started so I hadn’t had any pop in a couple of days anyway.  My juices arrived via FedEx overnight last week.  Since I wasn’t going to be starting the cleanse till this Monday I froze all the juices (this is recommended on Julie’s site so that the juices don’t go bad.  They arrived in an insulated cooler bag (which I will probably reuse, woohoo!) inside a box.  The bag was filled with ice packs (which I will also reuse!), and all of the juices were still cold by the time I brought them up to my apartment.

On Sunday I took the first day’s juices out of the freezer and realized that they were FROZEN SOLID.  I decided to take Day 2 out as well since I was afraid I’d be trying to drink mostly frozen juice the next few days.

Day 1

I started off Day 1 with the “Morning Glory” juice and a couple of egg whites (NOTE: egg white and steamed veggies are allowed on the cleanse).  It was a green one, and admittedly I had never had a green juice before starting this so I assumed I wouldn’t like the taste.  This one wasn’t too bad as it was sweetened with some fruit.  Once I got to work I realized that some of my juices were STILL frozen so I took them out of my little lunchbag for them to thaw.  I made it through the 4th juice of the day around 3pm and couldn’t imagine myself finishing 3 days of this.  I was hangry and felt weak.

That night I had the “choco-nana” flavor for my juice “dinner” which was DELICIOUS with some scrambled egg whites (and one REAL egg…kind of cheating).  The last juice of the day was “X-treme Greens” which is my least favorite flavor of all the ones I’d tried that day.  I think it must have been the overabundance of kale + hemp seeds that gave this one a dirt-like taste.  I managed to make it through my evening Pure Barre class without collapsing, so I was feeling pretty proud of myself by the time I went to bed.

Day 2

I felt pretty good all day until the dreaded 1-5pm slump that I have come to assume is part of a juice cleanse?  You feel helpless and doomed and want to rip the food out of any hands you see.  I made it home to have another “choco-nana” for dinner with another egg white/egg scramble.  Around 8:30pm, I knew I should have my final and 6th juice of the day, “X-treme Greens”, but couldn’t bring myself to drink it.  The thought of it turned my stomach.  Instead, I had a 100 calorie bag of Skinny Pop which was definitely cheating, but I never said I was perfect…

Day 3

When I woke up on Wednesday I felt pretty weak and tired.  Taking a shower was a struggle.  I decided I probably should have had that last juice from the night before, so I forced myself to drink half of it before the rest of my breakfast.  By the time I got to work, I felt much better.

The lunchtime juice, “Sweet Spin”, is also a green juice and probably my overall favorite.  It has spinach, kale, pineapple, mango and banana in it and goes down so easy.  After I finished it, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I had made it through 2.5 days on the cleanse!  3 juices to go!

Then I remembered that I’d be getting “dinner” with my boyfriend that night.  He definitely wouldn’t consider a juice dinner, and I couldn’t exactly split it with him anyway.  I decided at that point that I’d drink the 4th juice of the day for a snack later and probably save the last 2 for snacks later in the week.  I figured my body probably needed some more sustenance by that point, plus I knew I wanted to go for a run the next morning and I’d started yelping restaurants for us to go to near my apartment…looking at menus when you aren’t supposed to be eating anything is torture.  I could taste and smell the pad khee mao and lamb madrasi through my computer and could feel my stomach gurgling in anticipation.


  • I probably wouldn’t do another cleanse as I don’t actually think that your body needs help detoxing, but it was an interesting experience.  I was mostly surprised at how filling the juices were and that I rarely felt ravenous.
  • I didn’t experience the “euphoria” that some people have on Day 3, but maybe that is because I supplemented eggs at breakfast and dinner (and a damn mini bag of popcorn)?
  • I did pee a LOT these 3 days, which isn’t surprising considering the sheer volume of liquid I consumed in addition to drinking water as often as possible.
  • My favorite flavors: Choco-nana, Sweet Spin
  • My least favorite flavors: X-Treme Greens (!), and the spicy lemonade (basically the master cleanse in a bottle)
  • If you do end up freezing your juices, make sure you give them 2 days to thaw out.  Maybe my fridge is just weird but it seemed like it took longer than necessary for that to happen.
  • I would consider having green juices as a snack every once in a while, because they are surprisingly good and obviously good for you.  I definitely don’t get the recommended serving of veggies each day, so this would help a lot with that.  The downside is their cost ($8-11/juice!), but maybe I will ask for a juicer for Christmas?  We’ll see…