the wolf is free: jam of the week

This week’s jam comes from Lily & Madeline, a sister duo with sweet sweet harmonies from Indianapolis (ya know what the Midwest is, young and restless).  Their first album is really great, and they have a new one coming out soon (October 28th).  I may try to see them on tour when they come to Lincoln Hall, November 15th.

They are also only teenagers…what have we all been doing with our lives?

If you like First Aid Kit, The Staves, or Daughter, you will like these sisters.  Actually if you like listening to beautiful music you will like them.





beyond clueless: jam of the week

Each week I’m sharing my favorite hot jam of the moment.  This week the song comes from, Summer Camp, a husband and wife duo out of the UK.  They wrote the entire score and a few original songs for the documentary, “Beyond Clueless”, that is all about teen movies (which I think I need to see ASAP!).

Elizabeth Sankey (the lead singer of Summer Camp) has a penchant for teen culture/movies/fashion and writes a blog about all of these things.  She has dressed like Cher from Clueless a few times.  If you don’t know me, you obviously don’t know that Clueless is one of my favorite movies.  Beverly Hills, 90s, teenagers, Jane Austen (hope you know that Clueless is based off of Austen’s Emma!).  There are so many great lines, outfits and characters.


Beyond Clueless is the title track of Summer Camp’s soundtrack for the documentary.  I also think it is a good “back to school” jam, although I haven’t gotten to go back to school for a few years now…Listen to it below.